New: Pre-Workshop

 22. - 24. März 2016 

mit Johan Nilsson (Sweden): "De–LightfulTouch"

und Scott Wells (USA): "Ensemble States Contact"

Anreise und Anmeldung am 22.3.2016 ab 18 h, danach Suppe und Willkommen. WS am 23. u. 24.3.2016.

Je 6 Stunden Unterricht von 10-13 und 15-18 h (jeder Lehrer unterrichtet 6 Std.), abends Jam, Sauna & Pool möglich.

Incl. Verpflegung (überwiegend biologisch). Übernachten im Studio oder eigenem Zelt (bitte eigenen Schlafsack und Isomatte mitbringen). Während des Pre-WS können wir leider keinen Kinderraum anbieten!


Johan Nilsson (Sweden): "De–LightfulTouch"

Weight, Integrity and Collaboration

I will propose material to work with integrity and the possibility of developing our own quality within a collaborative dance. Scores intertwined with Tecniqual aspects. Dances and Reflections to integrate our achieved knowledge and the attempt of making what we embody more conscious. Most likely we will work with the skin level and with the joints. Using the spherical attentivness of the skin as we move together - but independently. Playing with the idea of the joints as horizontally travelling balloons.

I will also propose material where we work with clarity and weight in the extreme outskirts of our skinesphere, connecting it to the clarity of our center. Bringing this into a work with many small centers. With our ability of making evershifting choices through a playful mind we can make both our structure and mind more spherical, constantly changing and up-side-down. 

Through activating our ability to listen and read the movement and shifting landscapes of the other, coming in and out of contact, giving clear support and creative impulses, we can develop our own dance within the shared dance. This gives us the option of being close to the other and at the same time staying true to our own improvisation. Supporting and escorting each other through space without developing a dependency of touch, and instead being able to use the other as a source of inspiration through their everchanging choices. 

Johan Nilsson

I am exploring and working with natural sciences and art. I am a trained gardener and teacher in Biodynamic farming. Its connection to alternative methods, antrophosofic pedagogy and its deep relationship to the natural world and plant forces are great sources of inspiration to me.

In dance and improvisation I experience the same fascination as when I was a child playing in the forest, in contact with nature, in a world full of imagination and playfulness. My interest in movement deepened when I discovered Contact Improvisation 2004. Before my movement history includes sports, capoeira, african dance, world dance and fire spinning. Since I started with Contact Improvisation my main inspiration comes from Måns Erlandsson and Malin Anclair, Stockholm. The last years I have been participating as teacher and performer in several projects, festivals and dance events in Europe. Since seven years I teach classes and organize CI events in Järna and Stockholm.

I like to use imagination and the fascination for small details as tools to create my own dance and to be the guide in contact with others. From fire-spinning comes the fascination of continuously traveling weight. In contact improvisation I like to relate to weight shifts and space and I definitely love to take a certain amount of risk.

Scott Wells (USA): "Ensemble States Contact"

We are connected.  When we drop into the elemental brain we connect in different or deeper ways.  Anonymity and freedom from social identity melts us into the group. We will practice Sourcing--connecting with your body and spontaneity using authentic movement, the art of forgetting.... 
Contact Improvisation—the practice of eliminating unnecessary politeness. 
Ensemble states--tuning exercises, composition and non-composition, 
Performance Jam--open space with intention and group focus, but less tight than a formal performance. 
Scores--the way in, Aesthetics--how we watch.  What do we learn when we talk? 
We start with:  Connecting with self, then connecting with the dancing group, then, connecting with watchers through kinesthetic composition. 
And, yes, a few special flying moments

Scott Wells

In 1981 Scott Wells discovered the pleasure of contact improvisation shortly after becoming obsessed with the challenges of modern dance. He received his MFA in dance from the University of Illinois and has directed a dance company in San Francisco since 1992. Wells has created works for skateboarders, for boxers and choreographed West Side Story for Sonoma State University. In 2010 and 2005 Scott received the Izzie (San Francisco’s most prestigious dance award) for Outstanding Choreography and was selected by Dance Magazine as “one of the 25 To Watch”. Scott has toured to Europe for the last 19 years teaching and performing in festivals in Moscow, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb to name a few. Locally he has taught at A.C.T, the San Francisco Conservatory for Dance and UC Berkeley. Wells has been practicing Alexander Technique for twenty five years and BMC for fifteen.

Scott Wells...has a dizzying abundance of pure dance-making talent
Rachel Howard, San Francisco Examiner

Come for the Thrills, Stay for the Artistry, 
Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance.

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