Let's explore how much music the dance contact improvisation needs or does not need ...
Suitable for dancers and people who want to play with sounds, dance and improvise.
Bring an instrument with you....or come to dance
Which sounds, noises produced the dance?
Is it possible to accompany the movement improvisation tonally?
What supports the dance?
What inner attitude do I take, to serve the dance with sounds?
How does the music react to the dance and the dancers and vice versa?
These may be possible topics that we explore in this play shop.

with improvised anticipation :)
Aloha Taro


Taro Tikitiki

Hello & Grüß Gott
From the yearning for spontaneous liveliness, it has attracted me to the music & dance improvisation.
Over the years I danced on many CI Jams and improv festivals & accompany them tonally.
I play on many instruments, such as Flutes, Guitar, Percussion, Frame Drum, Djembe, Digeridoo,
Jew's harp, mouthbow, monochord ... and sometimes I build myself an instrument. Vocal improvisation and the use of effects and loop device serve me as a toy.
Accompanying a CI Jam is for something other than performing a concert, as it is important to me to feel the dance field (dance for myself) and to listen, to let the "autopoetry" happen, how much is needed and when it is consistent with the sounds of the dancers to leave room or to accompany them.