Breathe, sense, listen, move, play, get dirty, be alive!
We start by focussing on sensation and with a playful and explorative mind we get in touch with all sorts of natural surfaces: bark of trees, soil, deadwood, twigs, brown leaves, green leaves, human beings, stone, ...
We partly work with closed eyes and explore different qualities and dephts of touch - meeting a surface softer or harder, deeper or more superficially. Based on this we have a look at dynamic dance principles in relation to surfaces - like direction, friction, support, impact and supsension. How can we playfully use different Surfaces of support at the same time? Can we dance up in the space between a tree and a person? ...
We dance and play with, on, under and between, different natural structures.


Roland Nordeck

I have been practicing CI for about twenty years and for three years fulltime I studied contemporary dance in Outokumpu, Finnland. Now I live, dance and teach in Göttingen.
I see both movement and touch as valuable forms of human communication, as they can reach beyond the field of verbal expression.