Contact-tango: balance

Balance in this days is synonymous of calmness, in dance is the interaction from different axes inside our body. The classes will be faced, to recognize our own axis in diferent positions and the construction of to common axis with other dancers. Feeling safe in my axis and in my out of axis. Discovering new points of contact and supports in different types of hugs. Essential aspect of the Contact-Tango.

A balance research in our body will lead us to Balance our movement using less muscle effort and finding the “momentum”. Using the right muscle tone and being relaxed in our dances.

We will introduces specific Tango elements,
Working my out of axis :

COLGADAS (hung): specific Element from Tango that uses The contra- balance concept during the dance.
VOLCADAS (overturn): circular movements using warm and close hug that allows us to have to comfortable contact and gives us to wide possibility of movements.

We investigate the skills of the contemporary partner: like falling down, roller, flying, sharing weight, levels and qualities in the physical contact, the connection between the center of gravity and the periphery. We will play with the rolls in the dances. Playing with the challenge of the change, where the listening and to be present is the conductive axis and where the surrounding space inviting us to the improvisation.

Every class is an investigation space,
You don ́t need previous experience.

Julian Elizari Romeo

Julian Elizari Romeo was born in 1974 in Bs As, Argentina. He began taking modern dance classes from young age and Took classes wiht traditional Tango dancers in Argentina. At the age of 22, he received his degree from the Institute of National Physical Education in Bs As, Argentina. Learning different Techniques,as Release, Low flow and Contact Improvisation in Bs.As He travel to Europe and Studied at the Lilia Bertelli school of “Danza e movimento”. Florence, Italy. He was then hired as an actor and after as dance teacher by the Isole Compresse Theatre company. He explore always more Contact Improvisation developing his dances with different partner dances technique. Julian has been teaching Traditional and Modern Tango argentino for more then 15 years. Currently he teaches Tango, Contact Improvisation and Contactango in Berlin Germany and in different dance Festivals.