Ever since assembling my first drum set as a child, cardboard boxes from a local supermarket, I have been fascinated by rhythm, sound and silence. When accompanying movement, I use a variety of sources (percussion, guitar, voice ...) in order to integrate into and move around the ever evolving field created by dancers, musicians, space and breath. In this field it feels to me at least as important to be silent and listen to the changes, as it is to actually "do" anything.

Andreas Hintermaier

Trained as visual artist (mainly drawing, video and performance) in Munich and Vancouver /Canada Naturopath, teacher for art, media and extra sensory perception in Europe, Japan and North America  Musician for CI festivals in Glarisegg, Freiburg, Benediktbeuern and others Founding member of TangoBanda (Contact-Tango Band) in Munich.



Tenor/ Alto / Soprano and Flute
Eduard plays saxophone with a Jazz Band of his own ("Offbeat") and the “ContacTango Banda“ in Munich.
Many years of experience as a guest musicians in C.I. Jams (Glarisegg, Freiburg, Schwarzwald-Jam, Tempelhof, Easter Impro Göttingen, München, Ulm, Summerflow Festival …) and the Contango Field.
As a bodyworker/ osteopath and couple´s therapist, I am interested in the nature of connection and the energetical aspect of music and touch.




I love to accompany dancers in their selfexpression.
In different contac festivals I played the violin and I play in the

I work as a free lance musician, violin teacher and music therapist. Sound is the most importat element of my work in its multiple facets, colours and its subtle connection to sentiments and feelings.



Klaus will interweave our Dance journey with his heartfelt & tuned in soundscapes. A seasoned musician at Contact festivals in Europe, he knows just how to tune into the Dancer's field & flow, complementing it beautifully with his music.

"It is always refreshing and surprising to create sound atmospheres together with other musicians. As a percussionist, it is particularly exciting to improvise ~ to allow soundscapes to emerge in the moment; with feeling, flowing and at the same time accentuated. I play Congas, Djembe, Waterdrums, Ravedrum, Ngoni and small percussions".



Miriam macht in vielfältigen Konstellationen und Kontexten improvisierte Musik in Tanzräumen in Deutschland und der Schweiz. Sie spielt Klavier, Klarinette, Akkordeon und singt. Momentan studiert sie an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste und unterrichtet Musik, Tanz und Gesang im schulischen und therapeutischen Kontext.
Sie liebt es für und mit Kindern zu musizieren und ist brennend daran interessiert, wie sie kleinen und grossen Menschen Türen öffnen kann hin zur Freiheit im ureigenen musikalisch-tänzerischen Ausdruck.
Ausserdem ist Miriam Psychologin, in Bayern aufgewachsen und hat danach ihr Leben in Italien und der Schweiz verbracht.



I am a singer and multi-instrumentalist (violin/ trombone/ piano/ banjo/ guitar/ percussion) based in Hamburg. Beginning with the first jam I attended in 2011, a dialogue with the dance has formed and influenced my style and approach to music, improvisation and life. I love to be surprised by where a jam can lead us and am often stunned by the beauty of the [sound and body] landscapes that seem to appear, as if by magic, in the space around us.

I enjoy playing music at various festivals and events in and around Hamburg and have also traveled with my family to play at festivals in Denmark, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. When I am not playing music for dancers I am conducting the Weltmusik-Chor Hamburg, a choir of 60 singers that I founded in 2005. I also teach at a private music conservatory in Hamburg (MenschMusik), teach projects in schools and give workshops on vocal improvisation and singing styles from around the world.



Nicolas loves to enrich each moment with magical sounds and to open spaces that invite each and everyone to discover the own soul and heart.

With his passion for music and playing with a variety of even extraordinary musical instruments, he is able to inspire curiosity and to bring life into inside areas, that maybe have never been perceived before.
Although he is serious about the matter, there is place for humor and ease, too. He is able to sense finely which kind of musical elements are needed at the moment to create a base that allows the dancer to go on an inner exploration journey.

Nicolas Fuxius

Nicolas Fuxius is an artist, instrument maker and musician.
He is a facilitator for family constellations, the "Birth Into Being"-method and rituals for transformations.
Together with his wife Inelle he conducts seminars for development of the soul potential and leads ceremonies for transitions of life. Since 1994 he leads the company Anklang Musikwelt and creates musical instruments for awareness and physical and emotional healing. Instruments which are supporting one's own expression and allowing to dive into a space of connection and relaxation.



I´m Sophia (30), born in Koblenz. Since my childhood, I play the Flute traverse and I love to move, to climb and to dance. I studied music and dance pedagogy (Elementare Musik- und Tanzpädagogik) at the Carl-Orff-Intitut in Salzburg.
During this time I discovered Contact Improvisation. My experience from acrobatics helped me a lot to get into Contact Dance easily .
I also learned to play different percussion instruments and learned for myself a little bit guitar for playing and singing Mantras.
In my first years of playing the Flute, I focused more on classical music, I played in an orchester and in different musical projects and different ensembles.
In the last ten years I started to improvise a lot; I really love to play worldmusic together with other musicians; my favorite music is Latino Music, Tango, Salsa, Gipsy or whatever my fingers are dancing on my flute;-)

Many years I´ve been a member of a youth circus, where I learned partneracrobatics, juggling and also played in the circus band in our shows.
The last two years I worked in a kids and youth circus „Rambazotti“ in Kassel.
This summer I followed my heart and moved to Freiburg. Here I am still arriving, teaching the flute and circus groups. I´m organising my own acrobatic-workshops and I´m developing an acrobatic dance performance together with my boyfriend and preparing a cello flute project.



From the longing for spontaneous liveliness, I was drawn to music & dance improvisation, over the years I was allowed to dance at many CI Jams and Impro Festivals & accompany them with sound.

I play on many instruments, such as flutes, guitar, percussion, frame drum, djembe, digeridoo, jew's harp, mouth bow, monochord... and I build my own instruments. Vocal improvisation and the use of effect and loop devices serve me as toys.
To accompany a CI Jam is something else than to perform a concert, because it is important to me to feel the dance field (to dance myself) and to listen to it, to let the "autopoetry" happen, how much is necessary and when is it right to let the noises and sounds of the dancers in the room or when to accompany them.
The music, dance and movement improvisation is the red thread on which I playfully experience existence, always fresh and amazed, it is a magical self-knowledge journey, which is not about arriving somewhere, but about the experience.

Since the year 2000 I may call myself integral dance leader (certificate CITA Munich), as co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, `Rumble in the Jungle ́ Dance & Music ImproJam, the Munich ContacTango Festival and fellow players of the Soundmover Performance-group I find again and again space & time to dance and sound...



in the morning 9.30-10:00h

Is a German singer and sound artist with a passion for the universe of music, sound, noise and silence. From building complex interactive installations dealing with spatial sound, and from exploring expressive contemporary improvisation, she then was moved by the depth and plainness of mantras. Yohannnah lived in Paris for 8 years where she did a philosophic PhD on the digital revolution. Now based in Germany, she and her co-creator Elena currently offer integral workshops for corporates and teams on personal development and wellbeing at work.