This workshop invites you to explore how a conscious acknowledging of seeing and being seen can free us from the pressure to achieve. Let’s play some games in which we can embrace being looked at and seen as we dance, well as our own looking and seeing. Find a place where the constant duality of performing and being performed for becomes playful. Or becomes meaningless. Find different ways and shades of looking, being with, seeing, being seen. Ignoring, accepting, embracing.

Mara and Rudi like to dance in an atmosphere of trust. To source from an non-judgemental spontaneity, in which simple is enough, and the mess is lovingly danced through.


Mara Natterer

Mara started dancing at young age, first classical ballett and later on contemporary dance and improvisation. She studied Community Dance at the Laban Institute in London, and has worked in community dance projects with different groups of people in England, Spain and Brazil.
In Brazil, Mara fell in love with contact improvisation, on earth and in water. For her, CI is a way of encountering herself and her environment, of falling into presence, learning to act from a sensed reality and practising the art of relating. For three years she has been part of an intentional community project based on the common practice of CI and Improvisation in Spain, called The Monastery.
Mara lives in Switzerland, where she teaches movement and organizes Jams and CI research labs. Currently she dances in a performance project with choreographer Gisa Frank together with Rudi.


Rudi Natterer

During his studies of philosophy, at age 21, Rudi Natterer encountered CI and Capoeira. A short break from University in order to focus on dance and somatic practises turned into a four year full time training at SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, where he became acquainted with various contemporary dance techniques.
His mixed-style background ranging from basketball and freestyle rap to baroque piano music is currently blending with his professional dance training, informing an ongoing research of embodied experience, musicality and expression as well as their facilitation.
The practice of CI has served as a laboratory in Rudi’s life for the past five years. It is a place and space where both individual and social dynamics manifest themselves. Where they can be researched, experimented with and be worked on. It is a place where a flux of embodied relationships is possible and observable.
Rudi currently works with “Dschungel” (Vienna, Austria) and “Het Paleis” (Antwerp, Begium) on a theatre play for adolescents called “PLAY!”, as well as with “frank-tanz” (Switzerland) on a dance performance on the impact of changing social dances on how people interact.