Every dance exists only in the present. A one-time event, irretrievable and yet it creates a trail. Visible it is only for the moment and in the next second already invisible again. Often, this invisible trace still lingers within us for a long time - we can feel it - perhaps even dancing it again with pleasure in our mind.
In this workshop, we let our dance / movement traces become visible with colorful colors. So that we can then consciously look at them and through this visual level take them deeper into us. Our dance will create a great picture in which we can rediscover the uniqueness of each individual.
After experiencing and watching together, we will go into silence.
To look again at the whole, to see into oneself and to express for oneself the own experienced trace on a separate paper.
It is not about creating a work of art that pleases and appeals to a recipient, but about following one's own inner path, which is completely devoid of value and requires no artistic talent.


Linda Maria Tinsobin

Linda Maria Tinsobin has been teaching and danced (on stage) different dance styles for over 15years. In particular, the health-preserving and health-promoting aspect of movement and dance is one of her favorite fields of research. Whereby she means physical, as well as psychological and, above all, emotional health. "It's all interwoven." Her research is accompanied by a curiosity for a mindful language, attentive listening and conscious observation. The love of curious, value-free encounters at eye level shows up in her creative projects with people of all ages.
Dancer | Choreographer | freelanced Artist | AwakenBody and BeHold accompaniment | Malspiel server with training at Arno Stern | Dipl. Aviva-Method Trainer | Advisor for natural baby care - "conscious parents-conscious children" | 2 times mother | life-researcher.